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by Taline
10 JUN 2019

Ok, since you’ve noticed a change in my diet and lifestyle, you’ve bene asking what I eat, how I move and how I keep balanced. So here is a little insight into an average day.

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20 MAY 2019

Stef and I recently worked with new beauty brand Recreation beauty and I spoke with Nedahl, founder of the company about my beauty routine, food philosophy and mindfulness practices. Here it is….

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25 JAN 2019

If you plan to visit Dubai with your family, and are looking to keep the kids entertained with activities that have something for everyone, here’s my top 6 musts…

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24 NOV 2018

I’m not going to come up on here and tell you that social media is all bad and that we all need to boycott it. I’d be a hypocrite if I did, ‘cause without it you wouldn’t be here reading this … Continue reading

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