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by Taline
14 Sep 2017


Ever think you’ll never be able to rid yourself of your coffee dependency? While there are many suggestions for worthy substitutes to that perfectly roasted, smooth, full bodied cup of coffee, I get that most options don’t hit the spot the way that coffee does.

That is, until now. Guys, meet your new morning bff – MATCHA.

Matcha is not just any type of green tea – also known as the “miracle elixir” of good health, it has been used by Zen monks in the far East for centuries for its ability to enhance concentration and boost the metabolism.

The high quality, powdered Japanese green tea continues to reach new heights of popularity, and is now considered to be one of the most powerful super foods on the market today, and I can’t be more obsessed.

My favourite is the 100% pure certified organic matcha from Matcha Maiden, which is authentic Japanese powder free of nasties and with a beautiful rich flavour.

Apart from its refreshing deliciousness, here’s what you should know about the morning gamechanger.

Better caffeine high

One of the most common complaints coffee drinkers mention is the jittery feeling and anxiety that sometimes comes with too much coffee consumption. Coffee contains an inordinate amount of caffeine, and while that buzz is one of the aspects that makes coffee so enticing, it also has it’s negative effects. Coffee causes spikes in adrenaline that the internal system can sometimes struggle to metabolize properly. Matcha, on the other hand, creates a calm type of alertness and mental acuity without the spikes and crashes. With only a quarter of the caffeine, the nervous system does a much better job at managing the shift. Matcha also doesn’t come with glucose spikes or adrenal overload.

Aids metabolism

Caffeine is known to help the process of stimulating and burning fat cells. Matcha does this and then some in ways that coffee simply cannot. Matcha contains almost five times the amount of L-Theanine which allows for the central nervous system to remain calm, level and still activate your metabolism to help maintain or even lose a healthy amount of weight. Green tea is one of the most popular drinks, aside from water, that many consume to jumpstart a slow or sluggish metabolism.

Contains powerful antioxidants

The antioxidant profile of matcha is impressive as it contains catechins which help to slow or prevent the damage of cells and provides potent anti-cancer properties. This is good news for many different aspects of overall health. Catechins help in the anti-aging process, making you look and feel much younger. Coffee doesn’t contain any antioxidants, much less anessential one such as catechin.

Helps lower bad cholesterol

The differences between bad cholesterol and good cholesterol are still confusing to many. The heart is compromised in the presence of bad cholesterol and thrives with good cholesterol. This is why it’s essential to eat a diet that contains healthy amounts of good fats. The catechins within matcha help to reduce harmful cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, the powerful antioxidant properties directly benefit the heart. On the flip side, heavy coffee drinkers typically have higher levels of bad cholesterol. This is likely attributed to the amounts of artificial creamer, dairy and sugar so often added to coffee.

Mental clarity

The blood vessels in the brain are positively affected by the powerful antioxidants within matcha. Combined with a healthy amount of caffeine, the activity within the brain can be improved. Cognitive function, memory, and mental acuity are typically higher in those who drink matcha as opposed to coffee. This is because the huge spike and crash often present in consistent coffee consumption can cause fatigue and mental fogginess.

An energy boost and morning or midday pick me up, doesn’t have to come at the expense of your nerves or your health. Matcha green tea is the perfect alternative. We all need a bit of help feeling alert and focused throughout the day, and Matcha gives you that renewed alertness without the crash and burn often experienced with coffee.

Say bye-bye to those coffee jitters and incorporate Matcha into your life. Your body will love you for it. Just be sure to go for organic sugar free varieties. Just look for pure Matcha Powder.

I will be sharing my favourite make-at-home recipe really soon! Stay tuned…

T xx