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by Taline
16 Feb 2017

It’s going to be an exciting year in the food world, and I’m loving that clean, healthy eating is becoming accepted as the ‘norm’. Cafe menus are reflecting the popularity of the wellness movement, with delicious clean menu items offered at many of the on-trend cafes  around town.

Sought after health ingredients that used to be an effort to source are now found in most major supermarkets and local health food stores. Common knowledge on the benefits of good food abounds, and I think we’re all the better for it.

With each passing year, we say goodbye to dated food trends and say hello to the next round – and 2017 is no exception. Here are some healthy food trends that I predict will be trending this year.

Pickled Vegetables
This is such a simple thing to do, and is so delicious when done right. Just take your desired vegetable and mix with a combination of vinegar, herbs and spices – have some fun with your formula by using a mixture of vinegars and spices to create your own custom recipe. I have two quick recipes – one radish mix on the Hippie Lane app and a cabbage version coming in the Hippie Lane cookbook that will get you started and feeling confident about doing pickling yourself.

Bean Pastas
Bean pastas are an attractive alternative to traditional pasta. Made with beans rather than flour, many varieties are gluten-free and organic. High in protein and more filling than regular pasta, you can use it to replace noodles in a stir-fry, or pasta in spaghetti.

Grain / Macro / Nourish Bowls
Nothing new, but certainly still very popular, my favourite kind of bowl – the grain / macro / nourish bowls. With these delicious, well balanced, health boosting bowls, usually you have a starchy component, like quinoa or brown rice, combined with roasted and raw vegetables, some type of plant protein (legume / tofu) with fresh leaves and herbs. I love a combination of roasted vegetable (like sweet potato or pumpkin or beetroot), mixed with some protein from legumes (chickpeas / lentils / beans), and pickled with something like sauerkraut, cucumber or radish. Add a dipping sauce or dressing that brings the flavours together and not only is it filling, but it looks amazing and tastes delicious.

Superfood Powders
Superfood powders are a great way to get in some quick nutrition. No surprise why when a  small dose of matcha or spirulina can offer you a heap of antioxidants and cancer fighting properties. As the popularity with powders grow, more fruit and veggie powders are coming into the market with blue algae, mushroom, activated charcoal and berry powders in the spotlight.

Fantasy Food

There has been a general trend that presented itself in 2016 that is still fighting strong – what I like to call Fantasy Food – colourful and uniquely presented food. With fantasy food, we see different flavour and colour combinations, with presentation being the major attraction.

People are drawn to beautiful-looking food; last year the Hippie Lane star-shapes went wild, which fit right into the Galaxy theme that was all the rage. This year we’ll be seeing lots of mythical-themed food – unusual flavour combinations with colour themes that are an escape from reality. My feeling is, that with the bombardment of beautiful photos on our screens everyday, people are seeking more than the ordinary. Viewers want to fantasise about the taste and experience of eating unobtainable foods or foods that can’t easily be replicated. And they love the element of surprise.

I often get asked who or what inspires me, and I have to say, sadly, that there is no fancy answer to that. I am simply inspired by what I see around me and am the type of person who notices everything. A trip away stimulates my creativity – I get high on everything I see… something as simple as the colour of the sky at different times of the day (especially around sunset!), the ocean water in the morning and late afternoon, trees in Spring time, the flowers of different seasons… as well as vibrant market stalls, fresh market produce and fashion (clothing). As long as my eyes are open, everything is a source of inspiration.


A word of caution – don’t get too caught up with what’s trending that you lose sight of whats important. Trends come and go, but a priority for a healthy lifestyle that may include the same favourite smoothie and salad that you’ve been eating forever, is what’s important. Having fun with the new trends and being inspired by what’s in is a great way to keep you engaged and excited about healthy eating, but what really matters is that you’re getting in fresh unprocessed food, each and every day, even if your food choices are  not ‘new’, ‘on point’ or ‘trendy’.

I have lots of creative ideas with fun food coming your way, let’s hope I don’t slip off into lala land!

T xx


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  1. Love this post, so informative. Fascinated by your take on coming trends 2017, especially pickled veggies and bean pasta – already love quinoa pasta, so bean is a wonderful addition. And so looking forward to more of your fantasy food ideas in your app! Dee xx

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